Thursday, April 16, 2009


Through theses days, our team was very busy on campaigning the said 2024 Olympic Bid of the City of Manila & other important stuff. And within these lapse of time, our team realized the things which we must consider in our campaign. Finally, we came up with a decision to have “a major renovation”, that will improve & upgrade our team’s strategic plan to gain more appeal/ support to the readers and supporters.

First, the team will study on the pre-selected possible bids of the country until we came up with one of the bids. This bid will be then studied thoroughly by the members & will be presented to the public for recommendations and suggestions. After this stage, the committee will hold a poll/ survey to the public ( via internet) on which city fits to bid/ host the said games. The results will be then analyze by the evaluation committee and will be passed to the campaign team for recommendations. The assigned committee will then after collect data, assess, and finally create a bid book ( containing the possibility of the bid, some information/ data regarding to the place, etc.) which will be passed to the Philippine Olympic Committee for their opinion and further suggestion. The team will also consult to the chosen city if they are open to this bid.

Until then, this is the time that the campaign team will work on to create noise in spreading the news!

go check it!

solcitiation due date exended...

We would like to express our heartfelt and deepest gratitude for all those people who take part in this campaign. And for that, the group has decided to extend the deadline for the Solicitation program.

However, we have also decided that instead of a Manila 2024 Logo, it would be a logo for Team Pilipinas - the group which promotes the campaigns for hosting Sports Gatherings here in the country. The Manila 2024 text would be change as Philippines 2024, A logo or the Philippines 2018 Asian Games campaign as well as to the Philippines 2019 SEA Games. We would also like to stress the rule that NO OLYMPIC LOGOS OR SYMBOLS SHALL BE PLACED/ USED IN THE SUBMITTED LOGOS.

Thank you very much and Mabuhay ang Bansang Pilipinas!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The Manila 2024 Campaign Team and together with our other colleagues launches a solicitation program for the logos of 2024 Manila Olympic Bid, 2019 Southeast Asian Games, 2018 Asian Games Bid for our campaign.

All you need to do is to create a logo that symbolizes the 3 Games (the Olympics, Southeast Asian Games, and the Asian Games), must also showcase the Host City / Country’s Culture (Manila and the Philippines) and lastly, must be unique.

Your entries together with a description (at least 75+ words) maybe submitted to our e-mail: on or before June 12, 2008. The top 10 will be then announced in the website and our team will conduct a popularity poll for who will win the solicitation program. There will be no price but your piece may bring honor to us, Filipinos.